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Today's fast-paced work environment often deprives your company of the time needed to build trust, leadership, confidence and communication among the members of your team. We can help by providing you with a wide variety of interactive team-building experiences. From rope course challenges to paintball encounters, your team will have the opportunity to work together to improve communication and strengthen their bond, which in turn increases productivity and strengthens creative flow. Whether the time spent is one afternoon or a full weekend get-away, your team will return to work enthusiastic, energized, and eager to meet new challenges.

Our "Team Building Gameshow" combines physical challenges along with events that challenge the mind. We create enthusiasm from the moment your program begins. Our incredibly creative props and games are as much fun to watch as they are to play. All games encourage friendly competition and teamwork! We will customize a program especially for your company to motivate and evoke a sense of corporate team spirit.

Our "Team Building" programs can run from one hour (our most popular is three hours) to all day. They are fun for all ages and can encompass up to 500 people or more. If you want to put together an outdoor "Team Building" competitive event, we can also create a program that utilizes many of the now popular inflatables such as the gladiator joust, bungee run, human spheres and others.

Gourmet Catering can turn your company's educational program or corporate message into an event that will be long remembered by everyone!

We realize that you may still have questions. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our account representatives to inquire about this incredibly unique presentation.